Sunday, 12 June 2011

Free as in beer

I got some free beer in the mail today - from a company calling itself Boundary Road Brewery. This appears to be Independent breweries under a different name, but what they're doing is a promotion where they select people to be amateur tasters of a new line of lager they're releasing. New Zealanders can sign up online, and if you get selected they'll send you 3 bottles in the post.

The site is
and it seems they still have places left for people so why not sign up? Free beer is good beer.

I've only had Style C so far, but I'm impressed at its taste, especially given that this is an Independent Breweries offering, they usually aim for more price conscious consumers.


  1. It's a fantastic initiative to get the brand out there. how are the other two bottles?

  2. Independent brewers are often the best brewers.

  3. Free beer, cool... But I'm far from Zealand...